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Notice is hereby served, that the AGM, for Salop Amateur Radio Society, will be held


20:00 hours


Nominations for Officers, to be received by Club Secretary, NO LATER THAN 30th SEPTEMBER, please.

There will be TWO definite posts open, that of Chairman, and Secretary.

Club NIghts will return to THURSDAYS, as from 2nd SEPTEMBER.

Direction Finding events, aka ‘Fox Hunts’, have been scrapped for this year.

Club ‘Nets, will be MONDAYS 14:00 hours 144.230 MHz, SSB, and WEDNESDAYS 20:00 hours, 144.230 MHz, SSB.

The club will be holding training / help sessions for the RAE exams. Dates will be listed shortly, for any prospective members, at the Club QTH on Thursday nights.

Calibration/Test night, to be held on THURSDAY 23rd SEPTEMBER

Construction Competition will be held on THURSDAY 14th OCTOBER. Usual classes of Novice and Open, with 1st and 2nd in each category, and trophies awarded.

The committee are hoping to arrange a Christmas Social this year, with the date being between 1st and 12th of December. More details to follow, but, please inform the Secretary, if you wish to attend, as this will give us an indication as to the numbers, etc. A few venues are being considered, with suggestions for other places welcome for consideration.

Please keep an eye on the calendar, as we are hoping to line up a few presentations over the coming months

Eamonn Bias M0MEB
Club Secretary

Please keep an eye out on the website, and your email, for any developments.


A quantity of used equipment has been kindly donated to the club to be sold with proceeds going to club funds. A full list is on the for sale page.


Visitors to the club should be aware that the Telepost Club carpark has limited space available and  this gets filled very quickly so visitors will usually need to park by the Abbey, or in Abbey Foregate carpark.


A few notices


Also, from this point forward, the Tuesday and Wednesday ‘nets, will not be shown on the calendar. Only club events will be displayed. This is to simplify the printing out of pages, should people wish to do so.

Revised Calendar Dates