SARS runs regular RSGB accredited courses for the Foundation Licence exam. For the Intermediate and Advanced Licence Exams we do not offer formal classroom courses but can arrange tutorials to help students with their own home-study (see below for further details of distance-learning courses and training materials that are available). The club is an approved Exam Centre and runs exams for all classes of licence.

SARS Foundation Course

Anyone wishing to join our courses should contact Mr Eamonn Bias  via the club email, which can be found on the Home page

The Course Team:

Lead Instructor: Richard Golding  G3VZG.

Instructor : 

Practical Assesments: Ken Walker G8DIR

Keep an eye on the main news page and the calendar for announcements about courses.

Further information about the Foundation Licence can be found at the RSGB website


If you join our Foundation course then arrangements will be made for taking the exam at the start of the course.
If you would like to sit your Intermediate or Advanced Exam then please contact our Club Secretary for more information:

Club Secretary: Eamonn Bias M0MEB
 [email protected]

Intermediate and Advanced Distance Learning Courses

Bath Intermediate Amateur Radio Licence Course
In 2003 Steve Hartley G0FUW taught an amateur radio Intermediate Licence Course in Bath, which was filmed on VHS tape in eight parts.  These videos are available for download or online viewing at the following web address.
The videos should be used in conjunction with the RSGB Intermediate Licence Book. This is available for purchase using the following link to the RSGB shop.
Note these videos may be copied and distributed freely to students and instructors involved in the UK Intermediate amateur radio licence course. The material remains the copyright of Steve Hartley and Robin Room. The commercial sale or distribution of this material for profit is strictly prohibited.
Bath Advanced Licence Distance Learning Course
The Bath-based distance learning course, is Internet based and incorporates programmed weekly study, online quizzes, tutor marked assignments and YouTube videos.
The course is conducted by Steve Hartley G0FUW, along with many RSGB approved e-tutors, who provide the week-by-week lecture notes, tips and worked answers, in a virtual one-on-one classroom environment, using the distance learning course’s dedicated Edmodo website.
A copy of ‘Advance! The Full Licence Manual’, is required as the course work book, and is available from the BSGB shop using the following link.
If you are interested in enrolling on the Bath based distance learning course, or would like further information regarding the syllabus, please contact Steve Hartley, G0FUW, directly via e-mail to:
[email protected]

Useful Online Training Resources and Links
RSGB website has many helpful links to training resources and mock exam papers:

HAM TESTS  For almost 10 years, HamTests has provided a Free range of resources that will help you prepare for your Amateur Radio exam. HamTests supports all levels, with practice exams, & some training lessons for Foundation, Intermediate and Advance Licences in UK.
QADV consists of multiple choice questions to help students revise for the Advanced exam that qualifies radio amateurs for a Full UK Licence.  It is also useful to students of the International exam (HAREC) and other similar exams such as that of the Republic of Ireland.
THE BRATS. Bredhurst Receiving and Transmitting Society. Online tuition for Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced licences.
Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society has some excellent training materials that may be downloaded at:

Please note their conditions of use:

Essex Hams run a regular Foundation Course,  and have some very useful resources

The RSGB have a useful book Exam Secrets, which gives guidance and questions likely to appear in all 3 exams. Visit the link below.

Useful Links for Learning CW

if you would like to learn Morse Code or improve your technique then the following links may be helpful.

PC Tutors:

One of the best tutors that can be run on a Windows-based PC is the G4FON Morse Trainer which be downloaded at

Other good ones are:  Just Learn Morse v1.23  and MorseCat v2.0

e-books:  - the classic work on CW  "The Art and Skill of Radio-Telegraphy" by William Pierpont  - "Zen and the Art of Radio-Telegraphy" by Carlo Consoli, an interesting look at the psychology of learning CW


There are plenty of videos out there but these are a few of the most interesting, amusing and useful ones.
US Navy 1944 training film

US Army – 1966 training film

OH8XAT video

GHD video (shows "elbow off the desk" style)

The ARRL in the US broadcasts daily CW practice text on various frequencies at various times (see  The speed varies from 5 wpm to 35wpm.  The best frequencies are probably 7.0475 MHz and 14.0475 MHz but these may not always be heard due to band conditions.
ARRL also have the MP3 sound files and associated text files of the practice transmissions, which can be downloaded at

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