Equipment Loan

Test equipment loan period is 2 weeks.
Members may borrow as many pieces of equipment as is necessary to meet their short term test requirements.
Transceivers are only loaned out by SPECIAL prior arrangement with the committee and for a maximum of 2 weeks.
All equipment is to be signed for on a loan card filled out by a committee member.
Any damage incurred / loss of equipment is to be rectified at the borrower’s own expense.

Books and Magazines:
Books and magazines may be borrowed as follows.

Books 3 Weeks
New magazines (less than 3 Months old) 1 Week
Old Magazines 2 Weeks
No. of books per member on loan 2 plus 1 New magazine, or 2 old magazines

All reading materials to be signed for on a loan card filled out by a committee member.
The borrower is responsible for replacing any lost or damaged items.
Books loaned to the library will be returned to the owner upon request.

Overdue Items:
Please note that, to help prevent items from going astray and to ensure items are available to other members, there is a penalty for late returns.
If any loan items are not returned by their due date then, in the absence of mitigating circumstances, the borrower will not be permitted to borrow any further items for a period of 3 months. Please inform a committee member at the earliest opportunity if an item cannot be returned by the due date