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Visitors to the club should be aware that the Telepost Club carpark has limited space available and  this gets filled very quickly so visitors will usually need to park by the Abbey, or in Abbey Foregate carpark.

News 15/04/2018

News 15/04/2018

Just to let the membership know, with immediate effect, Al, M0UAL, has stepped down as Secretary, and I, Eamonn M0MEB, have assumed the role.

I look forwrad to serving the club and committee, for the foreseeable future. I can be contacted via the club's registered email address, and my contact phone number is also there.


Eamonn M0UAL


Many thanks to the PARC members who came to Shrewsbury for the quiz this year.

SARS retained the trophy after a close contest and we're looking forward to the re-match next year at PARC's qth!

GB3LH Fusion Repeater

Fusion Repeater:

The GB3LH Fusion Repeater has been runnng since 18th Jan 2016.
The repeater is very basic in it’s Operating Logic but modifications may be forthcoming in the future.

Equipment Required:

Any Standard Analogue TRX unit with CTCSS set at “G” 103.5 ( No 1750 available ).

Any Yaesu Fusion System, with the users ID Call Sign Set.

No other Digital Systems are compatible.


Access and use the Repeater with ctcss only. The Time Out Period is 5 mins. The Timer is Set only when the Repeater Drops it’s Carrier. There is No “K” or “Pips” at this time. The Repeater will Send it’s Call Sign on access and 10 Mins after use, it will then remain silent until accessed again.

The repeater operates in fully Automatic Mode on TX and RX. This means Digital in Digital out and Analogue in Analogue out.

The Down Side to its operation in this mode is: The Audio out of a standard Rx when receiving a Digital signal will be totally unintelligible. To overcome this noise, it will be necessary to have “Tone Squelch“ set up on your Receiver. The Repeater does not put out CTCSS on Digital Transmission, thus your Rx will stay Quiet. As far as incoming Signals, the Strongest will “Win”, there is no Blocking Available.   


Ken G8DIR.

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