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Visitors to the club should be aware that the Telepost Club carpark has limited space available and  this gets filled very quickly so visitors will usually need to park by the Abbey, or in Abbey Foregate carpark.

Events Calendar

The Committee has made a start on pencilling in events for next year.

The Fox Hunt events, will be renamed Direction Finding.

The dates for the 4 events, are now in the calendar.

Please consider giving a presentation. It can be as technical as you wish, and does not always have to be totally ham radio related.

All that remains now, is for everyone on the Committee, to wish all members Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.

Christmas Mince Pie and Raffle Evening

Just a reminder that the Annual Mince Pie and Raffle Evening, will be taking place at the club



20:00 hours.

This is usually a lovely little evening, where members bring along some goodies to share.

We also invite donations for the club raffle. 

Please come along, have a natter, share some goodies, and join in the spirit of the evening.

News 2017/18 Committee

News 29/10/2018

2017/18 Committee Members

Chair:- Neil Simmonds M0KZP

Secretary:- Eamonn Bias M0MEB

Treasurer:- Bryan Roberts M0TXE


Committee Members:-

John Bumford G0GTN   Social Secretary

Ken Walker G8DIR        Shack Co-ordinator/repeater Keeper

Ian McGowan G8OFZ  News Letter Editor

Richard Golding G3VZG Vice Chair

Shaun Ruscoe 2E0EIH  Contest Manager

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