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Visitors to the club should be aware that the Telepost Club carpark has limited space available and  this gets filled very quickly so visitors will usually need to park by the Abbey, or in Abbey Foregate carpark.


Calendar function has now been restored. 

You can now scroll through the calendar, and should be able to 'sync' it with your own google calendar.

Many thanks to Les, M0BAV for sorting it, and to Al, M0UAL, for explaining the best way to amend the calendar in future.

SARS/PARC Quiz Result

Congratulations to PARC, for winning the Annual SARS/PARC Quiz, and regaining the covetted Thermionic Valve Trophy.

Results show that SARS, lost out by 10 points. Ken, G8DIR also commented that SARS were quite 'outnumbered' in comparison to their opponents. Hopefully, with 'home field' advantage next year, we will see an increase in the number of participants from SARS.


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