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Visitors to the club should be aware that the Telepost Club carpark has limited space available and  this gets filled very quickly so visitors will usually need to park by the Abbey, or in Abbey Foregate carpark.

RSGB Survey on VDSL Interference

RSGB are conducting a member survey to find out the extent of VDSL Broadband interference on radio amateur frequencies.  The EMC committee has a long-running investigation of VDSL interference but needs more information to assist in their lobbying efforts with Ofcom.

The survey is simple to complete and just involves recording s-meter readings at your qth for a range of prescribed frequencies.

RSGB would be grateful if you could take part.  More details and a link to the survey form are here: 


VHF Field Day 1-2 July 2017

UPDATE 4-Aug:  Results are now out
We came 8th out of 15 in the Restricted Section, which is an improvement on last year (11th out of 18).

Thanks to everyone who helped set up and run our contest stations over the NFD weekend.  It was a very enjoyable and successful event, with perfect wx for a change.

The logs have been uploaded and you can see our claimed scores at this link (we are GW3SRT/P in the Restricted section).

The QSO Maps for each band are at the following links (make sure to zoom right out on the 6m one to see our nice 2310Km DX qso to Ukraine!).

6m Map      4m Map      2m Map     70cm Map



L-R:  Nik M5DND,  Iain M0OCM,  Neil M0KZP,  Simon G0EIY,  Alasdair M0UAL, Eamonn M0MEB,  Ken G8DIR,  Adrian G4AZS,  Jim G3ZQC
Not in photo: Shaun 2E0EIH,  Ken G3UDA,  AIan M6XDT,  Jon G4JON,  Bryan 2E0EJN